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Anonymous asked: When will you open commissions again?

When i finish these


(so hopefully a week if i keep up the pace of doing one a day)


So, I commissioned the amazing maroonrice to do a piece of Lucera, and I’ve been sitting at the computer for about 20 minutes trying to put into words how deeply I’m in love with it. She just looks incredible, from her expression to her cane. And do you guys see that booty? Omfg, I can’t get over it.

Anyway, it’s perfection and I will be crying over it forever.

Set of commissions i did for a customer that wanted to see some of their favorite characters in formal wear inspired by their usual outfits. The first two are rivals that constantly throw snark at eachother (both as men and then “cis-bended” as women) and the third is of two women from rival organizations that are romantically involved.

These were quit fun but then again i’m a sucker for sci-fi formal wear.

Just some pastels practice from my sketch book that i happen to like

I never want to paint the sky again.

"Master Study" wip I’m doing in class, I chose to do a Degas portrait as my study piece. I quite love his work and pastels are really fun so this has been a rather relaxing project.

wake me up when September ends

my girl


Darth Makhaira in formal (though non-traditional for a Sith) wear, likely at a new museum exhibit opening in Kaas City on Dromund Kaas.

Commissioned from the super-lovely maroonrice and WELL WORTH THE WAIT. Look at my Phae, isn’t she is fucking awesome?!

Please excuse me as I attempt to not screech like a banshee with glee while still at work.